Sandra's glaskralen

Lampwork beads by Sandra C.

T(w)o part(s) or not t(w)o part(s) (2)

Working at those kind of beads is a fun intermezzo with the ‘Hyperion’-series. It’s also the ideal way to truly understand the properties of all glass. (If one ever can..)

T(w)o part(s) or not t(w)o part(s).

You can’t compete the properties of glass by any other means. Working with transparant and opaque glass on such a small space is so fascinating…

Hyperion (2)

Little is known about Hyperion, except that he was the Titan of Light. The meaning of his name is ” walking in the hights”.

I really want to achieve the max in creating as much depth in these glass beads as possible.

I tried to use the same technique in creating a ring top. I’m pleased with the result. I certainly will try to make some more.


I’ve been experimenting on how to create more depth into my beads. By using multiple layers of glass I want the observer to keep on looking because he always gets lost into the deep. (I also enjoyed the images in science fiction series and films where people were travelling faster than the speed of light.)

Ring tops

Last week I bought two special mandrels to make ring tops. I’m so sorry I didn’t order more of them since they are so much fun to make. As I only have time in the weekends and on Wednesday afternoon to go into my studio I can only make 6 ringtops a week. I also wish I had more fingers to wear my rings!

Copper mesh

I’ve been experimenting with copper mesh.